Workout Week 36 and September Monthly Update

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A bit late, but I finally got my monthly update in… and not a whole lot else.

To be honest, I can’t remember why I didn’t get much done this time around. I mean, some of my workouts got skipped due to someone once again inviting himself over (and someone else inviting herself into my bedroom and yakking at me until 2 in the morning when I should’ve been reading another chapter and moving on to the next Homefront episode), but none of that was on recordable days. I don’t think it was simply procrastination or weather….


In any case, let us see if I’ve made any progress:


Mystery delays besides the point, I managed to do all of the workouts that are (currently) not designated as “random,” but never pulled up the spreadsheet to do anything more.

And that means….

I’m “older” than normal in Wii Fit (still younger than my real age, but even with my balance issues that dual balance game is normally a lot easier!)

I moved on to the next level of Ring Fit Adventure and started experimenting with the color-code power.

And I moved on to the next level in Beat Saber’s Campaign Mode. “Next level” in this case meaning everything in level 2, not just one song.

Here we have the one single system I can theoretically use and record from even if the gaming space is occupied… and use (without recording) even when weather necessitates unplugging everything. Not only that, but because I can record VR via screen capture and not just on my camera, I decided to put a little work into experimenting with editing options; while I forgot to set up the game and webcam as separate “videos” for cropping purposes, I think this would be a good reason to learn to use something considerably newer than Windows Movie Maker.


Next up, of course, is Zombies Run!

Despite knowing that a well-written character is, to use an industry term, multi-dimensional, I was absolutely floored in episode 15 when Doctor Meyers of all people started geeking out about Darkness and Demons. I found that, combined with Sam’s attempts to dismiss roleplaying games as “for nerds” (he of the video game, superhero comics, and cosplay fandoms) hilarious… and then they ramped it up when Sam started geeking out about the miniatures!

I was just a titch disappointed that I didn’t get any notifications for everything they had me grab, though; one of those gamebooks or something should at least have counted as an artifact.


And the final bit of before-and-after-ing, the FitBit scale.

(Mid-October update: not sure how I manage to forget to add my September numbers….)

Somewhere along the lines I either accidentally got the wrong year in the dashboard or the FitBit website doesn’t read the same as the app does, because last month I noticed that browser-based listing for my weight for Jan 1 does not match the app’s entry.

But, being that we’re only a few months away from finishing out the year and it’s such a small difference in the grand scheme of things, I can’t say I can be bothered to find the correct entry and replace every single wrong insert (assuming the error to be on my end). Perhaps next year, assuming I continue to do this series, I’ll be able to get a correct weight in there to start things off.



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