Workout Week 14 and April Monthly Update

(Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate links included where possible and I deem them relevant. I’ll earn a small commission, as described in my privacy policy from eligible purchases made through these links.)


So I didn’t do any outdoorsy exercises this week. Or the homefront exercises still.

Monday I spent a good part of the day running errands. Wednesday afternoon I was scheduled for my first Covid vaccine so I had planned to do my Wii Fit monthly fitness test in the morning when I would normally have done my walk, so I could have all afternoon to do whatever post-vaccine recovery ended up being necessary.

“Planned to” being the key phrase, of course. Oh, I got the fitness test in, and an experiment with Beat Saber to boot (two sessions in one week, yay!), just not when it was most convenient for things like rendering and editing.


But with that, you have four videos for this update!


The fitness test in 360 and split-screen mode, of course….


And because I wanted to experiment with my recording options before I actually started using my randomizer (not to mention get in at least one video on the Oculus Quest so I’ve finally got content from each of my currently-available gaming systems), I have an attempt at playing Beat Saber to the tune of Panic! at the Disco’s “High Hopes.”

I’d gone digging through samples of all of the available DLC and, hearing impairment and sensory disorders being what they are, so far this and “Greatest Showman” (same pack) were the only ones I liked enough to listen to for their own sakes, therefore they were the only ones I liked enough to buy for the game. Only time will tell if any new packs show up that I like, but everything else that shows up on my channel will most likely involve the content in the free updates.

Since I’m pretty sure this is not the type of “arm exercise” the Powers That Be had in mind when suggesting how best to recover from injections of any kind, I opted to begin the game straightaway on easy mode.

(Disclaimer: Videos may not be visible in some territories due to copyright.)

Note to self: work on scripting my outro better–and more to the point, adapting as needed–especially since I can’t just attach a pre-recorded one to my Fusion footage and leave it at that. I didn’t realize until after uploading these and editing on YT’s end that my brain’s belated “it was in the script dagnabbit!” reference to experimenting with my recording options (which originally referred to using in-game footage, which I’d discovered was disabled for this game and therefore didn’t need mentioning) put me well past the 20-second limit and therefore the end screen overlays don’t even come close to matching up to what I was saying.


And the final monthly update, the photos and screenshots.

The need for consistency being what it is, I have no idea what’s going on with the lighting. And I’ve just bought (but not yet tested) a new mount that will hopefully be harder to accidentally knock askew than the old one… and much easier to reposition if and when I do need to move it for any reason, but it will of course put my phone in a completely different position than it’s been for the last few months.


To be honest I don’t see a difference in my appearance. And with the scale showing me a difference of only a couple of pounds, I don’t really expect to see my body changing just yet.

No, the real change I’ve been noticing lately is how my clothes fit. See, I normally wear a 36 waist (American men’s sizes), but lately, both my casual jeans and the firehose cargo pants I wear for work have been starting to feel…. loose. Like they’re starting to slide down my butt a little. The possibility that they’re simply stretching out from use has crossed my mind, so I decided to get another pair of jeans in my current size (but not the cargos, I have a spare set already and those things are expensive!), but also to take a risk on a 35 waist for each of them. (Easier said than done; I’m short so I’ll wear a 28-inch inseam when I can get it, and I’d be better with a 27 or even 26, but I usually wear a 30 due to the virtual nonexistence of anything short enough.)

The brand new 36 in jeans, freshly washed and dried and all the shrinkage that involves, with nothing in my pockets to weigh them down… felt like it was sliding down my butt. The 35 in jeans was snug but wearable. And the 35 in cargo…. I couldn’t even fasten up, bleh.

Oh, well, a little progress is better than none. And the 35 in firehose aren’t as “flexible” a style as the 36’s I’m still stuck wearing (there would be that lack of size choices rearing its head), so there’s a chance that I really have lost a bit of my waistline. Just not enough to regularly wear a smaller size, not yet. Now if only I can notice such a change in my bra….


Suggested products in use, Amazon Affiliate links included where possible:

  • GoPro Fusion 360 degree camera
  • Wii Fit U plus Fit Meter
  • Wii Fit U digital version (there are different price points on Amazon but as much as I’d like to support secondary sellers I haven’t decided how I feel about buying a digital copy from them, though there’s always the option of just buying a Nintendo gift card and buying the game straight from the Nintendo shop)
  • Wii Fit Balance Board plus Fit Meter (This is the bundle to get if you go straight for the digital version without owning hardware from the previous incarnations)
  • Fit Meter (green) or Fit Meter (black) (the color is solely a matter of personal preference)
  • Full Wii Fit U bundle (game, balance board, fit meter)
  • Oculus Quest (I have the original, thus the link. Given my tendency towards migraines, I did a little research on the Quest 2 on the grounds that it’s supposed to be lighter than the 1; while it’s obviously always up to the individual to decide what works for them, in the end I decided that it wouldn’t be light enough to matter, plus I figure the difference in how the 2 measures IPD means there’s a good chance it would make things worse.)
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