Agenda: Blarghing about Blogging

I finally got a new job just a couple of weeks ago (yay!), so hopefully soon I’ll be able to take a chunk out of my student loan instead of the little bits I’ve been paying for the last three years.

But the job is 3rd shift; not too big a problem, it just means I need to adjust my sleeping schedule, but it also means I won’t be mentally awake for a while when I’m at home, not until I’m accustomed to the hours.

No, the big problem is that I apparently decided to be allergic to the store’s cleaning supplies.
So just don’t mess with them, I hear some people saying. Easier said than done…. my job is cleaning. And the protective gloves don’t…. quite…. help.

So, now that I have a few days between shifts, I had thought I might get to work on something productive within my creative pursuits–working on my fiction, working on that book review I promised, working on my hand crafts, or just messing with some of those photomanip ideas I’ve been toying with for a while. This in addition to doing the daily chores that need doing.
Nope! Instead I get to take some Benadryl, sleep away most of a day and night, launder all of the clothing and blankets I’d used the last couple of days (just in case whatever’s making me itch is still in them), continue working on those chores…. and get caught up on TV whenever the medicine lets me stay awake long enough to have the slightest idea what I’m even watching. And if I’m lucky, maybe I’ll be able to concentrate well enough to write pieces of that review and collect some pics for the photomanip ideas.
And continue trying to persuade the BluRay drive on my computer to play those Doctor Who BluRays. It’s the only BluRay compatible player in the house, and, while buying an actual BluRay player is still an option (once I start receiving a paycheck), I kinda need the computer to get some of the pics I want for the photomanip ideas.

In the meantime, check out fellow NaNo-author RR Virdi’s Blargh–it’s his novel I’m trying to review.

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