Weird Google search

I was looking up a company the other day, hoping to find out more about some job my folks wanted me to apply to.
See, I almost always get a “why do you want to work for us” type question, or “what do you know about us,” or any other question that requires me to learn something about the company before an interview.
And since plenty of these ads are for companies I’ve never heard of, I turn to Google.

I don’t recall the exact search terms I used, but one of the phrases was “knowledge of the surrounding area”.
That phrase, or something very like it, happened to be in the job listing’s requirements, and since I couldn’t find much about the company directly (apparently they don’t have their own website), I thought looking up the job requirements was a good next step.

Except page one of my search results included, I kid you not, How to Survive the Apocalypse.
Spooky coincidence? Sign of my luck on the job search? Or story prompt?
Hard to say.

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