Yet another attempt at decluttering

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Finally downsized the pile of Vine orders to a single small-ish shipping box… and a nearly empty one at that. (Well, in terms of floor space; still got assorted bottles occupying my dresser.) In fact, the only reason I still have the shipping box is to keep the assorted products within from spilling over and making a bigger mess until I’ve finished sorting through them.

With that in mind, maybe I can finally get back to playing my fitness games again soon (especially since I’m starting to gain weight again)… just in time to find out that Oculus has removed support from even more games, including ones I already own. Does this simply mean I can’t buy any more DLC in the likes of Beat Saber until I have the money to drop on a new Quest, or will it mean I can accidentally screw myself out of games I’ve already paid for until said new Quest is bought? Only time will tell, but thankfully the Q3 inches ever closer so hopefully I’ll be able to make the purchase before getting an answer that is drastically out of my favor.


And as always, I’m still trying to read through my read-and-redonate pile to declutter that. When I’m not distracted by social media, of course.

The plan remains to empty off the l-desk enough to simply get rid of it for floorspace, then rotate the remaining furniture in my room for easier access to outlets, then set the BHG cube organizer from my closet (replacing the single with two narrower ones to sit on either end and serve the purpose I bought the first one for–keeping the closet floor clear of clutter and the hanging bar clear of clothes I only need for special occasions) by my remaining desk to better spread out my gaming and recording equipment instead of trying to cram everything together.


But there is another form of decluttering going on… the entire household decluttering and downsizing to have less stuff taking up space and collecting cobwebs. In addition to my parents going through their own book collection to see what physical copies they have no particular attachment to, there are also movies that were either bought cheap with the expectation they might be worth buying “even if we only watch them once” and others that none of us plan on rewatching enough to bother keeping. (One of my hypothetical goals is to condense this media enough to get rid of at least one of the shelf units I’ve loaned to my parents for the job. Whether we all want to get rid of enough stuff to make this happen, hard to say, but at least it’s a more concrete goal than “have less stuff.”)

Case in point, aside from binge watching in preparation for the new movie, we have no pressing need to hang on to our John Wick collection.

And I gotta tell you, these movies are actually pissing me off. Not in a “bad acting etc” kind of way, but in the sense that I can see why Wick himself is pissed off at the people he works for. And not just random moments, either, which can be expected, but the entire plot. I mean, it’s clear that this organization’s rules don’t exist to instill any concept of honor; there’s evidence enough of that in the second movie with Mr. “I want you to kill my sister, but what kind of brother would I be if I don’t avenge her when you’re done.” Dude, an honorable man, to whatever extent one exists in this organization, would avenge her by going after the person who put out the contract on her… oh, but wait, that’s you.

Same problem with consequences for their actions… they exist for the peons, even the legendary ones you’d be stupid to mess with aka Wick, but not for the higher-ups. Just consider how many times the characters go on and on about how Wick killed so many people over “a dog and a car” as if that automatically makes his actions any less rational than any other reason these people operate. One: the dog was an innocent and didn’t deserve what happened. Two: there’s what the dog represented to Wick. Three, and even the memes keep missing this one: if the dog and the car were so worthless as far as judging Wick’s actions are concerned, then you take them out of the equation… and you’re still left with a group of thugs breaking into Wick’s home, beating him to within an inch of his life–over something the organization judged as not worth such actions–and finally, daddy sending killers after Wick before Wick took action against any them.


Oh, and you know the concept of the frequency bias? I’ve watched a bit less than half of American Gods (another one on the “bought cheap” list–not a fan of how gory some it gets so I originally planned to just watch until House on the Rock and then donate the copies I’d gotten for Black Friday one year, but later on I found the entire box set for cheap and decided it was short enough that I might as well finish the series) and now it seems like Ian McShane just keeps popping up in things before and after.

Case in point, in addition to John Wick, I’ve also recently watched a preview of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (which, courtesy of my American Gods remark, came out when I wouldn’t have known who he was anyway) and was surprised to find out that he was Blackbeard. Plus random other shows where I recognize him in an episode here and there.

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