Technology Marches On–Oculus Quest (One) Support Disappearing

Guess it’s official… I need a new VR headset.

Not because my Quest One has quit working, though given how long it’s been gathering dust as I attempt to declutter and recover floorspace yet again it’s a little hard to say. But rather because, as per the post title, support for it is disappearing. More and more games that simply aren’t designed to work on the older model (Resident Evil 4 was, apparently, only the first), features I’ve been waiting for since they were announced that are available on the Two but never made it to the One (Guardian Space Sense, finding out the new Wireless Bridge only lists the Two as compatible, etc), and now finding out that games that used to be compatible with the One are now no longer (found this one out when I tried to buy Les Mills when I had a 30 percent off coupon).

I can still use the Quest One… for now. And budget being what it is I don’t anticipate replacing it until the Three comes out–worst case scenario this would at least let me compare specs before deciding which model is best for me. But thanks to these discoveries there’s now the underlying paranoia that at some point games I’ve already bought may quit working due to updates, and more to the point, quit working before I can afford to buy a new headset. While they are tied to my account and would presumably be accessible as soon as I can manage such an upgrade, such a change would still mean temporarily losing access to content I’ve paid for due to changes on FaceBook’s end rather than due to, say, my lack of floorspace; thank goodness none of these involve pay-for subscriptions.

In other news I’ve heard that Sony has finally announced a timeframe for their new VR system. I keep saying “budget being what it is” I don’t expect to get a PS5 (assuming availability) until that’s released, but the expected date of February next year is so soon, before tax refunds come in, that I don’t know that I’ll even be trying to get it then… especially not since the VR system alone costs almost as much as the console. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll release a bundle of console + VR that’s slightly cheaper than buying the two separately. (Did they ever do that for the 4? I don’t remember.)

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