2021 Year in Review and 2022 Goals

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And with my first update for 2022, let’s see how I did.


First we have the “normal” monthly update of showcasing what exercise I’ve done over the past week and before-and-after pictures for the month:

Need to dig out the remote for my GoPro so I can start doing before-and-after pics with that.


Here we have two different attempts at what is essentially the same gameplay (the Wii Fit fitness test):

Good lord I look seriously washed out! At least on the Wii Fit’s camera–the GoPro ironically looks the best on the grounds that it’s simply less sensitive to light sources than some of the other options I’d been using like my phone. (Ironic because GoPros allegedly do not like artificial and low-light situations due to smaller light sensors than normal cameras.) Anybody want to recommend a better light bulb? I don’t have the space (yet) for studio lights and such so I’m kind of limited to whatever works in that overhead ceiling light, which, from what I’m reading, is a terrible idea in part because I’m almost directly underneath it. (I wonder how well my Misfit Bolt would work in place of a normal light bulb…. Or if it would get way too hot for the purpose. Then again I have no idea what wattage the light fixture is rated for so that might not be a good idea. Actually the light fixture is rated for 60w max, and the led color-change bulb is a “60w equivalent,” so I should be good; just need to play with the settings to see how well it really works for my eyes and the cameras alike, and maybe one day replace that globe with something else–maybe I can even find a shade that will counteract the “I’m standing almost directly beneath it” part without making the room too dark.)

Anyway, the reason for the repeat test (besides playing around with cropping to avoid so much empty space) is because I started off the year using my new GoPro as a webcam instead of using, well, my webcam as a webcam. Except I hadn’t done enough research and didn’t realize that the GoPro-as-webcam setup does not yet support the use of the GoPro’s built-in microphone… so I was yammering away in that first video with not a single sound from anything besides the game ever finding its way to the finished product.

In the second video I used my Razer Stargazer webcam in lieu of a microphone (one of these days I may need to actually buy a microphone but for the time being I’m trying not to add yet more equipment to my desk), with the only problem being that the GoPro’s footage and the Razer’s audio appear to be out of a sync. Looking at preview mode it looks like that’s also a problem on GoPro’s end–though I’m pretty sure I had the same problem when using the Razer for full webcam function–but I’ll still need to play around with OBS’s settings to see if I can persuade everything to run at the same time. (I mean, the heart rate monitor failing to update is a problem as well, but that looks more like a glitch than something that involves figuring out which setting to change.)


I finished out the first Season of Zombies Run as of the first week of January.

Weather depending I’m going to see if I can unlock the remaining Radio Abel clips for the season without needing to replay missions, and there’s another homefront-eseque New Adventure (aboard a pirate ship!) on the way, but otherwise I’m taking a hiatus from the app with plans to begin season 2 when the roads are dry and not splits-inducing.

Someone suggested I wear snow spikes on my shoes, but honestly I think I’d prefer to use the time to do my indoor workouts, or get started on adding horror and other non-fitness games to my channel, or even continue to ignore tackle the backlog for my other channels or my writing.


And finally for the monthly update, there is of course the weight change… such that it is.


Now that the monthly stuff is done, let’s see how I did with my yearly goals. I’d made a lot of “New Year’s Resolutions” for 2021, did I actually manage to make any?

(Y’all saw that coming, right? Especially with all the technical and not-so-technical delays in getting my games recorded.)



Last year’s goal of having $5,000 in my bank. Not even close.

I thought I managed to come close even after the annual “I can’t believe I spent that much money” shopping season was over but I didn’t factor in actually paying the credit card bill when I came to that conclusion. I suppose technically the fact that I had more before the end of the year and it only dropped like a rock come January means I still “came close” but not close enough for practical use; I really need to watch my spending in the coming months if I want to continue avoiding interest on my card.

This year’s goal: $7500.

Harder yet for two reasons. One, obviously, the increased dollar amount. The other is the fact that student loan payments are kicking back in after the pandemic delays, and, while I’m still benefiting from the “no interest” side of that equation I have no idea if I’m eligible for the related deferment (what’s an “account beginning with e?”) or if I’m stuck with the same monthly bill I had before the pandemic. Regardless I ought to be paying it and not keep putting it off–nothing short of absolute loan forgiveness will change the fact that I owe that money and interest or no interest “putting it off” just means it’ll take longer to be done with it.

But the increased goal has a reason behind it. While last year’s goal existed solely as a flat dollar amount, this goal is based on wanting to be able to buy a gaming laptop by Christmas. (A way to quantify the “I need to stop spending money” goal besides just saying I need to stop spending money.) And price changes and new models depending, this goal would give me enough money to buy the specific one I’m looking at without wiping out my savings to do so… more to the point, from a “quantifiable goal” perspective it would almost give me enough money to buy a second one. (Yes, the one I’m looking at is that expensive. Alienware, VR ready, and it’s 4k, and I haven’t even started looking at the customization options, but because it’s a laptop it’ll be a lot easier on the cables and desk space than getting another desktop with similar specs.) And if I don’t reach that goal, or if I settle for a less expensive model, well… having more money saved towards it can never be a bad thing.


Last year’s goal: the YouTube backlog.

Barely touched it. I got another book-unboxing video uploaded, mostly for decluttering purposes–I figured the sooner I got certain videos uploaded the sooner I could get rid of relevant documents that came with the books to be unboxed–but otherwise the backlog is still waiting for me to do more than organize clips into relevant folders.

This year’s goal: same.


Last year’s goal: get in shape.

Well, technically I’ve worked towards this one. I haven’t managed the “lose 10 pounds in a year” objective (though you can see above I’ve lost a little), but I’m making somewhat noticeable headway in other areas… and frankly, the “other areas” are the most important part of it, weight just happens to be the most easily measurable. Started the year with 36 waistline pants all around (casual jeans, shorts, work pants) and ended the year with 34, my shirts fit differently, and my Woxers are loose enough that I went and bought a 3-pack of mediums (I’ve been wearing large) in the hopes of finding out that this is an “inches lost” change on my part and not just them getting stretched from use.

Bras, unfortunately, are not as easy to check without a company that does fittings; I’m almost wondering if I should give ThirdLove another try just to to start adding brand consistency to cope with the lack of actual an actual standard in sizes. I certainly liked the coverage they offered better than anything I can find in cheaper brands….

Oh, and speaking of shirts fitting differently, the layered work shirt I showcased last year, complete with me demonstrating once again where on my torso the seam between layers rests and how much of my belly is exposed by the innermost layer:

I had to search my closet for this exact shirt just so I could have the consistency of showing where on my body that seam rests and how much of my belly shows when I lift the bottom. Sad to say clothing does stretch out after a while, from repeated use and washing (thus the new Woxers being “in the hopes I can wear a smaller size” and not “because I can wear a smaller size”), and we are talking about a shirt I’ve worn probably close to once every two weeks over the course of the last year… but I’m inclined to think that, in addition to that particular problem, this is also the most visible sign of a change in my body shape.

I think I said last year that the reason for the demonstration was my sensory disorder–the one thing I don’t like about these layered shirts is that it feels alternately like the inside layer (showing off a small part of my belly) is all that I’m wearing or that the seam is the bottom of the shirt (like I’m wearing a crop top and not a shirt). One of my weight loss goals was getting both inside layer and seam lower on my body to counteract both of those sensations.

Also I once hauled a Queen size memory foam bed-in-a-box (those things are about 50 pounds) from the floor to a chest-level shelf with little more thought than “I’m going to see if I can lift this before I ask for help.” (Note, don’t do this. I was able to lift it but for safety reasons it’s not something I should be in the habit of doing.)

This year’s goal: same.

I actually find it kind of funny that I started the project last year with recording fitness games for YouTube expecting to just do it for a year… but somewhere along the lines I started talking about what sort of changes I could make in recording options once I could afford better equipment, and it wasn’t until after whichever post I said that that I realized I was treating it as an ongoing project.


Last year’s goal: write more fiction.

Didn’t touch it at all. I just didn’t. Not my originals, not my fanfics. I thought about it several times, then either let myself get distracted by social media or decided that getting in a workout and attempting to update my channel quasi-regularly was higher priority.

I’ve said before, I missed the era of Blackberries with slide-out keyboards. I did a much better job keeping on the drafts when I had a keyboard to go with my phone–I could write on my lunchbreak without relying on the typo city that is a virtual keyboard–but I think a phone that’s designed with a lot of writing in mind would be far better than trying find (and subsequently store) an external bluetooth keyboard for the purpose. Though after that time that my phone got really, really slow I kind of stopped trusting it for anything as important as writing and just decided to use it to make my way through the to-read pile (when I’m not getting distracted by social media, of course).

This year’s goal: same.


Last year’s goal: declutter the house. (Or at least my room.)

Meh, the ongoing nature of this one means I sort of managed to accomplish it. I did, for instance, get my room reorganized for VR purposes, going from my bed being in the middle of the floor to everything surrounding the perimeter. And all the books remaining on my read-and-redonate pile are on shelves (or the secondary desk) rather than in piles on my dresser. (Signed book for keeping are also on shelves, but on a unit that’s been shoved into the closet. Further decluttering would allow me to move that back out into the bedroom proper.)

But there’s more to be done. While a Murphy bed is still a change I’d like to make, I almost feel like getting to the point where I can get rid of that extra desk (and shove my platform bed into that corner) would be easier, but that’s obviously going to require clearing all of those books and other things off of the desk.

Any bets on whether I accomplish that before or after I get a new computer?

As before, the curious can checkout both my Goodreads and Bookcrossing profiles to see my progress on the read-and-redonate side of things.


How about you, my readers? Have you met any of your goals for the last year? Made any for this year?


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