True 52 Workout Update

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As mentioned I-forget-where, somewhere along the lines my forgetfulness and tendency to miss updating weekly led to me forgetting which week, exactly, I was even updating for, with the result that the week number started corresponding to the blog post rather than what progress I was posting about.

The post title of this, officially the final update for 2021, is my sole attempt to remedy that error. Perhaps in my 2022 progress reports I’ll actually update on the regular… or come up with some other system entirely.


In any case, no recordable workouts to report, courtesy of the work schedule and trying out new “toys” e.g. my GoPro and that capture card and theorizing about other recording options. As far as that goes, an unexpected change in my work schedule means I only got one session of Zombies Run in instead of the planned two. (Six days in a row, yech! I will never understand how those in the medical feel do it, need be damned. And since those six days were spread over two work weeks, it doesn’t even count towards overtime.)


Speaking of theorizing about recording options, I had noticed while recording Ring Fit Adventure last time that the sound had briefly cut out mid-game.

A link to the video if you’re interested in the reminder:

Now, I don’t know if that was the capture card causing problems or not. On the one hand, “sound” was a frequent complaint in the Genki app’s reviews. On the other hand, those complaints seemed to mostly be about the microphone (which I don’t even use), and my aux extension cable (used solely so I don’t need to keep reaching behind the monitor to swap between headphones and speakers) did start cutting out not long after.

I’m looking at the possibility of buying speakers that include a headphone pass-through, but before I resort to adding more stuff to my desk I’m going to see how it sounds if I connect the speakers I’ve already got directly to the Switch while it’s docked. Probably no need to worry about sound from the Wii as the gamepad has its own speakers built in, but I’ll find out soon enough.


But on to the one single workout I managed to do for the week:

At the risk of giving spoilers to anyone new (or like myself, new-ish) to the app, can you say cliffhanger?


In other news, I may need to start focusing on playing any one song on Beat Saber until I reach certain scores in that song only before moving on to others… pretty sure I haven’t full comboed on Normal high speed on High Hopes but I’ve completely forgotten which speed modifier I’ve used last on Party Rock (I’ve full comboed on normal speed on everything at their current difficulty levels thus far, and the actual listing on the scoreboard doesn’t factor in which modifiers you’re using).

Especially since I’ve come across three more songs I want to buy, and even with how little I listen to music I’m sure there will be more to come; I eventually started a playlist for DLC I want (or have bought) and songs I’d like to see in this and similar games:

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