Week 47-48: In which I begin eliminating my excuses for delays

No recordable footage this time ’round, but I did, as per the title, eliminate one of my valid excuses for frequently failing to produce any.

Well…. hopefully eliminated. There is still the matter of trying out the capture card that just arrived in the mail and finding out if it really works or if I wasted my money.


See, due to space limitations I prefer to just do all of my gaming (or nearly all what with the VR options) out in the actual gaming room, but as things stand I still don’t have ready access to that space due to its status as a “temporary” guest bedroom.

So I decided to see if it would work to set up the consoles in my bedroom on a temporary basis, using my computer monitor in place of a TV. I’ve previously posted my first attempt at that (in which I completely forgot the backlight issue before recording). Granted I really don’t want to rely entirely on the monitor (don’t ask me why that’s a worse option than the TV because I haven’t figured it out myself), I’d rather have the option to connect to the computer for a proper screen recording if and when I choose to go that route… plus the computer gives me the option to include a heart rate monitor in my footage. So I bought a capture card, which I now need to test.

I also found out that the error message that claims that my computer doesn’t support screen mirroring–literally stating “this device doesn’t support receiving Miracast, so you can’t project to it wirelessly”–does not, in fact, mean that it doesn’t support screen mirroring. Instead, it means “hey, idiot, turn on the WiFi.” (I rely on ethernet for most internet usage.) Me, I would’ve expected the error message to say something about needing wifi, but we are talking about the same operating system that thinks that “An error has occurred” is an incredibly useful message and not at all a statement of the obvious. Point being, aside from finding out how well my 360 Fusion’s field of view picks me up when it’s attached to my desk and I’m practically laying on the floor, my Stealth plank game has also lost the “guest room” excuse. It just doesn’t seem to play well in windowed mode, so it remains to be seen whether I can include heart rate data in that particular game’s footage.


I haven’t eliminated all excuses, of course. Due to the sweaty nature of the footage I still won’t be doing anything before I go in to work, and due to my schedule I won’t be recording anything when I get home from work. So the actual workouts will be limited to two days a week regardless of when I edit and upload. But that leaves the not-valid excuse of procrastination as the only thing I really need to work on… and the fact that I never had a valid excuse for any non-recorded workouts via the likes of VR.


Speaking of procrastination, I made another attempt at a different kind of self-care by tackling the video backlog, and finally uploaded my “Way of Kings” book set Kickstarter unboxing to my main channel!

Whew! That was a lot of packages for one unboxing.

As mentioned in the description, I have a few years’ worth of backlog to go through, and this was recorded some time this year. The reason I addressed this one before sorting through the older content was all the documentation and links for collectors included with the bundle… my mindset was that the sooner I got the video up, the sooner I could post those links, which meant the sooner I could declutter by ridding myself of whichever documents I had no desire to keep for myself. I’m somewhat sure I have a few other book unboxing videos that I need to address in a similar manner.


But back on topic with the fitness side of things, I finally finished season 1’s last 20K race in Zombies Run!

Just in time for them to add the New Brunswick “lost episodes” mini-series to the list, necessitating going backwards in the storyline to listen to things in their “proper” order before I can truly finish off the season. (All of those weather-centric delays the last couple of months meant I wasn’t going to finish the season by the end of November anyway, but the inclusion of the new mini-series means I may not finish before the end of the year… and that’s if the weather cooperates. On the plus side, more short missions means getting that much closer to finishing Radio Abel before I resort to repeating episodes or playing Radio Abel by itself.)

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