Workout Week 32: Rain, Rain, Come and Stay (but lightning go away)

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Another week, another delay. But not (completely) due to procrastination this time around.

Nope, Monday’s delay was effectively due entirely to the weather. See, a good share of the day it was simply pouring outside. Not a huge deal all on its own… I quite enjoy being out in the rain (as long as I’m not driving), or as my parents like to say it, “I don’t have the sense to come in out of the rain,” but I don’t like the feel of coming back from a half-hour walk with my socks soaking wet, so two or three years ago I’d bought waterproof trail shoes for this exact purpose. And then, for the last two or three years, every single time it was raining I was either at work (and therefore unable to just go outside and enjoy it), or my phone’s battery was super low (walking was still an option, but no Zombies Run), or it was outright storming out.

Well, Monday was a combination of the last two. We were finishing running errands when the skies opened up, so as soon as we got home at around 2-ish pm I switched to my trail shoes, grabbed my Aftershokz headphones (IP 55–could’ve sworn they were more like 67 or 68 and I may one day invest in one with the better rating–do not try this with a cheap set), and my reflective orange vest, and started my walk. I only got five percent of a mile down the road before I started hearing thunder, went “Nope! That’s a safety hazard,” and turned around to go back inside. (Remember, if you can hear thunder, you’re in striking distance! And while I also enjoy the sight and sound of a good thunderstorm, staying indoors is entirely about safety rather than “comfort” as it is for rain.)


Since nobody in my family is willing to gamble with the possibility of frying hard drives and rendering the data unrecoverable, all of our important electronics, even those plugged into surge protectors (which often carry lifetime warranties on replacing fried devices for a reason), remained unplugged from the walls until we were no longer in the strike zone. The only gaming I could do in the meantime would be the kind that requires neither internet nor gaming console nor (given the desire to record) my computer.

As a result, I spent the next several hours alternating between reading a book and messing around on my phone, leading to my battery being too low to use the phone by the time the weather had improved enough to go outside. So after plugging in my phone I managed to get in another mission in Ring Fit Adventure

albeit unexpectedly delayed by my Joy Con deciding to lose contact with the Switch mid-game. (Near as I could tell once I finally got it reconnected, it had gotten itself stuck in “sync” mode. How, when it was slotted in to the Ring Con the entire time and had been working fine until–well, you can see in the video when it disconnected–I have no idea. But here’s hoping I won’t see that problem again because the Skyward Sword joycons are not easy enough to find to gamble on needing to replace them!)


Upon finishing the mission and starting my computer to render, my dad and I had some errands to run. Between that and dinner I didn’t get out again until about 7:30 pm. At that point, the rain was alternating between giving me a shower and being light enough to force me to look for puddles to continue testing my shoes, but aside from a cold spot I randomly felt on my right big toe I’d say they’re waterproof enough… most of me was drenched by the time I finished my walk but my feet were perfectly dry.


Thursday? Thursday was mostly procrastination. I mean, there were still errands to run (seems there always are), but there were also moments I should have been able to do something. Even Zombies Run got overlooked as after dinner I’d simply forgotten about it until after I’d changed into my pajamas, and when I finally did remember that I had a mission to do I decided it was late enough that it’d probably be dark out before I finished it.


Since I still haven’t worked out a plan for The Walk that I’m happy with, I think I’ve decided to repeat the Homefront bodyweight exercises for my get-home-from-work workouts. No “materials” collected during those missions but I’d still get plenty of supplies each time, which will help whenever I get around to building up my base. (I won’t be posting run graphics of the repeats, though; since the missions are purely time-based due to the nature of the workouts, the only significant difference you’d see between the second time around and the first is if I don’t hit the “stop” button at the same time as I did before.)

At least until they release any other bodyweight exercises under the New Adventures segment. I’ve only seen two stories so far that include them but Six to Start may one day decide to add more.

Maybe this time I’ll actually retain the habit of using the Ring Con for its multitask mode… not to mention doing the workouts before I get distracted by social media.


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