Workout Week 31 and August Monthly Update

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In the last two months I have successfully….

Gained back the weight I lost during that week I was sick and had no appetite. *head meets desk* But I’m still wearing the waistline 34 jeans and 35 work pants instead of the 36 in both that I wore before, so clearly that weight has migrated in some fashion; I just have to keep hoping it “migrated” in the form of building a little muscle, and keep trying to make that happen.


Since some of my other clothing is starting to get loose (some stretching from use, I’m sure, others *fingers crossed* from fat loss), and since I’m still trying to declutter and reclaim space in my bedroom, I decided it was time to revamp my wardrobe.

The first part of that plan was acquiring one of those cubed shelf units I could shove into my closet. The primary purpose of this was to clean the closet floor (my shoes, for instance, take up two cubes). It also allowed me to take down some of the clothing I don’t currently have occasion to use (think “long underwear”) and toss them into those fabric drawers made for such units, letting me clear up closet space without having to use up more dresser space.

Just as well that it served that second purpose; even after checking the dimensions online and on the box and measuring the intended area multiple times, I still underestimated just how much space that thing would take up.

Hindsight being 20/20 I should definitely have bought the 4-cube units (4 high 1 wide) instead of the 6-cube I have here. At least then they would’ve been narrow enough to fit on the sides of my closet (and give me two more “junk drawers” to work with when it comes time to swap my dresser for a smaller unit and acquire a little more floorspace for VR) and let me keep the bookshelves in the middle where they were previously… at least until I emptied off those shelves and was left only with the cubes. I had originally thought I’d lay the 6-cube unit on its side but it’s too long with the bookshelves still in there, and it’s so tall (the whole reason I chose not to go with an 8-cube variety) that I really can’t hang anything up over top of it. Of course, making room for it did give me the push to stop procrastinating and actually dig out clothes I’ll never wear so I can donate them, but getting to the remaining clothes is still difficult at best.

At some point I still plan to get the 4-cube units–if I can find them again–and find some other use for this one, but I really need to focus on clearing out those bookshelves before I buy any other organizational furniture.


Anywho, to the subject of physical self-care, starting with the obvious “before-and-afters”:

Meh, either I’ve regained fat in some unwanted areas or going back to wearing a bra for these photos is what’s giving me those odd creases in the back. Probably the second case, but continuing to lose fat in the right places should (eventually) help to smooth that out either way.

I might have mentioned it in another post, or I might not have, but I think I’ve figured out why my later photos look so washed out compared to the earliest ones (even in “later” early photos where I’m still standing against the wall opposite the window). My theory is that the light bulb is different–I don’t actually remember when I changed it last so the theory could be dead wrong on that basis, but from what I’m reading the differences in color temperature for different types of bulbs could produce this effect, and I already know I need to start using bulbs with a lower color temp to help with my migraines (or at least help reduce triggers), so I might find out for sure the next time I change my bulb.


Then we’ve got this week’s sole attempt at playing a recordable video game, in the form of this month’s body test update on Wii Fit U:

Hmm, on the subject of organization, methinks there are some things in the living room that need revisiting. And I might want to go back to having a light on my left side (or angling myself differently); the shadow over one eye looks more than a little odd from my perspective.


Oh, and on the subject of recordable workouts, I think I’ve decided that any bought-and-paid-for music on the likes of Beat Saber (or Pistol Whip, or any other similar game I eventually decide to acquire in the quest for suitable workout games) will probably be something I play solely for myself and just use the official music on YouTube. Partly so I’ve got a reason to play something fitness-related even when I procrastinate on the whole “I need to record this for YouTube” and partly for copyright reasons (not all of the bought-and-paid-for music includes the licenses necessary to upload without getting hit with a copyright claim, whereas I’m given to understand that at least in Beat Saber most of the official soundtracks will allow it).


Finally, for Zombies Run, I wound up doing the same mission twice.

The first time I did this mission on Monday, I was partway through the episode when I just heard silence over my headphones. Dead silence, no music, no audio clips, no nothing.

I kept walking for a few seconds, figuring my shuffled playlist had probably hit one of the various tracks that have a noticeably longer period of nothing-whatsoever at the beginning or end. But then it continued, so I finally pulled out my phone to check, and discovered that the app was no longer running.

So I opened the app, pulled up the mission, told it to resume, and it restarted at the beginning of whichever audio clip I’d been in (it had crashed right at the end of that clip), and finished the mission.

Then on Thursday I did the same mission again to acquire an accurate run graphic.


Edit: somehow I missed the remaining before-and-afters in the form of my weight progress:


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