Workout Week 27: VR Problems

(Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate links included where possible and I deem them relevant. I’ll earn a small commission, as described in my privacy policy from eligible purchases made through these links.)


No recordable games this time around, though I did get all of the split-screen versions uploaded and in their proper order in my Fitness Games playlist.

I did notice, too late to fix it (having already deleted the raw footage from the camera in preparation to use it again), that in my rush to get all of those videos rendered last time I’d completely forgotten to switch off the auto-stabilization feature… which resulted in the camera panning in some of the videos as my motion caused it to jostle a bit. Thankfully nothing that resulted in the footage panning out of whatever area it was cropped into but I’ll need to remember to keep toggling off that setting in the rendering stage, at least until I find a setting on the camera itself to do it.

And I’m debating on whether I want to continue recording my games in a split-screen mode or if I should edit them into something that resembles the facecam option common to PC games. Mostly for consistency, although it will still be obvious when I’m pointing a camera at a screen instead of using a screen recorder; my cropping skills aren’t that good!


Anyhow, the delay:

On Monday I decided to switch to trying out my VR motion trackers alongside the Quest and PC VR games, only to discover belatedly that I hadn’t downloaded any VR games to my computer! And instead of doing something wild and crazy like playing one of my console games while I waited for the download I simply… didn’t. I think I spent that time reading, which still helps tackle a to-do list, just not the right list.

When Skyrim VR finally finished downloading and installing to my computer, I encountered other problems. Problems of the “game won’t load” variety. I got it to load once so I could play the tutorial, but there was no sound when transmitting to my Quest (happened the first time I used the Quest to play any of my Vive Infinity games, too), and I’d forgotten to install the 3dRudder driver needed to use that accessory to control my motion in-game.

Long story short, I spent most of the day troubleshooting instead of playing anything. Steam VR has since been reinstalled (as that seems to be the most common solution to the specific error messages I had been getting), so it’s a matter of just trying it again later.

And Thursday I helped run errands with my nephew.


But for non-recordable options, I have other workouts, so to speak, that I’ve been experimenting with.

Case in point, I’ve been looking at catching up on assorted streaming shows while using the exercise bike… but the problem is that the bike is in the living room which is right outside of my parents’ bedroom. Okay during the day, but problematic if I felt like watching an episode or two when I got home from work. I need something that lets me use private listening.

My first attempt was to use the TV’s screen mirroring option–run whatever app I need on my phone, mirror the screen to the TV, connect headphones to the phone and leave the TV muted. That was a no-go; as it turns out, sound only seems to work on the receiving device so with the TV muted I couldn’t hear anything no matter what the phone’s volume was at. (Why?)

Second attempt, stream from the TV (because the cable box has the apps I need on it) to the phone, etc. Only my phone doesn’t recognize the existence of the TV as something to mirror from.

Since I’m trying to avoid plugging in yet more things by using a Chromecast (and can’t guarantee I’d have any better luck with the “headphones to phone, leave TV muted” step than I did with mirroring), I finally caved and, when a Prime Day deal granted me $10 towards any eligible purchase, I bought myself a relatively cheap pair of headphones designed specifically for connecting to TVs. Since the cheap model doesn’t come with a charging stand (we’re talking a difference of about $30 for the brand I got versus over $100 for the one with the stand that I was considering), not to mention the lack of space on the entertainment center, I think I’ll eventually invest in yet another headphone hook so I can hang it up on a nearby bookcase when it’s charging or otherwise not in use.


The beauty of the set I bought is that it has several different connection options. So many sets I’ve found seem designed with the assumption that everyone has a headphone port in their TV and unfortunately mine does not. It does have RCA ports so I’ll just use those. Pity the transmitter doesn’t use Bluetooth, otherwise I could connect a speaker, as well… the dining room table is a fair distance from the TV so we typically turn the volume almost all the way up when we’re watching something during dinner, and a soundbar small enough to avoid blocking the screen just doesn’t put out the kind of audio we need.


And finally, with that connection, I can start catching up on my shows, maybe enough to eventually cancel my Netflix subscription (already cancelled Apple after I finished watching all of the exclusives I was interested in) and just stick to paying for Disney Plus and Prime TV.

(As per the disclaimer at the top, there is absolutely an ulterior motive included in that link; Prime TV is one of many various services Amazon offers a “bounty” on for Affiliate members and that bounty is currently increased until the beginning of August if anybody signs up for a trial through my link.)

In my case, “catching up” means watching the various shows of the Arrowverse and whatever else caught my fancy on Netflix, watching the Marvel TV shows and newer movies on Disney Plus, and probably buying the likes of Doctor Who (no “free” streaming that I’ve found unless I’m inclined to sign up for yet another service), watching free first seasons of things that look interesting, waiting for the second season of Upload, and watching assorted other free Amazon exclusives via Prime TV. And of course enjoying the other benefits of being a Prime member like the occasional in-game bonus for Twitch Prime, being able to buy something I need without waiting until I have so much stuff in my cart to get free shipping.


And… finally, the actual workouts I’ve accomplished, Zombies, Run.

Two missions, of course, for the main storyline.

Four missions to finish out Homefront and save the world from the super-horde

And since I’ve finished Homefront and had one more workday to finish out the week, I chose to move on to one of the “New Adventures” that includes Homefront-esque workouts…. Mystery At 4,000 Fathoms. This mission is five episodes long (all of them of the Homefront variety, due to “Stoker” Five’s position on board a submarine), so as long as I don’t dilly-dally on social media when I’m supposed to be exercising, I’ll be able to move on to yet another mission at the same time next week.

Also, since I’ve finished Homefront, I can relocate those images to clear out my DropBox folder like I did with the 5K training app without having to worry about consistency. I think I’ll also add a page to my site to hold the galleries for all of the run graphics… rather than cluttering up the sidebar to add a new gallery every season or story or whatever.


Suggested services in use, Amazon Affiliate links included where possible:

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