Workout Week 25: Workouts after Tooth-Hurty

No recordable workouts this time around, I’m afraid.

On Monday there was another battle with procrastination (I lost, of course) followed by a trip to the dentist to get a temporary crown. While my hyperactive gag reflex never appreciates going to the dentist in the first place, honestly my wallet hurts way more than the tooth… and I still have another appointment in a few weeks to get the permanent crown installed.

On Tuesday, while idly browsing the web before I had to leave for work, I discovered that I could use my PC as a wi-fi hotspot, giving me a new thing to test on my next day off… only for Thursday to arrive with lots of nasty weather. Not “I’ll get wet!” nasty (I like the rain and I’m still waiting for a downpour to coincide with when I have the option to go for a walk outdoors so I can test out my trail shoes) but “thunder and lightning” nasty; all of our surge protectors have lifetime warranties, but a hard drive that’s fried is a hard drive that’s fried so everything important data-wise like computers and game systems remained unplugged most of the day.


I made another dent in the mountain of books, though, as I spent most of Thursday finishing one book so I could add it to the donation pile and immediately began a new one.

Speaking of reading, whenever Zombies Run Homefront has you do certain exercises like bicep curls, it suggests holding weights or tin cans while you do the exercise. I’ve occasionally used the Ring Con from Ring Fit Adventure in place of any attempt at weight lifting, but….

Here are a couple of my “tin cans”:

Not as heavy as an actual tin can, obviously, but the size makes them relatively easy to grip without my hands cramping up before the workout finishes, and I’m just too lazy to grab actual weights of any kind. I’d consider weighted gloves (gloves, not wrist wraps), but I can’t find any I like that offer sufficient wrist support–I’m honestly visualizing weights that resemble old-fashioned ladies’ gloves, here, with the sleeves that go halfway to the elbow, but I can’t find any evidence that such a glove even exists for the purpose.

I’m currently tackling my read-and-redonate pile in order of the length of the book. Word count would technically be the most accurate way to do that, but I tend to use the app more than the website when choosing my next read and the app bizarrely enough only gives page count as a sorting criteria…. Probably close enough either way, and regardless of which number I sort by, I have fewer than a dozen episodes of Homefront to go and lots more books in that mountain; even if they release more Adventures with Homefront-esque workouts I’m unlikely to need to pick out new “tin cans” for a long time to come.


And speaking of Zombies Run, the weather let up in plenty of time to get a walk in.

And nothing but procrastination to interfere with continuing the Homefront, which of course means I didn’t even do half of the week’s missions:

(I see they changed the format of the Homefront graphics. Finally decided there was no “pace” when the phone cannot actually detect your movement?)

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