Workout Week 22 and June Monthly Update

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As predicted, I’m starting to gain weight again following the previous week’s cold and loss of appetite.

Dang. I knew that was too easy; weight loss due to not eating is neither healthy nor particularly effective, but some part of me was hoping….

Oh, well. Even if I had kept it off I’d still have to keep working at losing even more. But on the plus side, I did go and buy those 34-waist jeans (same style, same size) in response to the 35’s sliding down my butt, and the 34’s are, as I’d previously announced the 35’s to be, “snug but wearable.” And yet, I still can’t fasten up the 35-waist firehose I bought for work! (Different style from the 36’s I’ve been wearing, as the odd numbers don’t seem to be available in a flex-style, so maybe 34’s would fit?)


But on to the imagery!


(Still trying to work out what’s going on with the lighting. It’s been the same camera the whole time but it’s only the last few months–including the ones at the same wall as the January photos–that my photos have getting washed out by my overhead fixture. Need to replace my curtains one of these days, too, but that’s not the source of the light.)

Hmm… maybe a tiny change from January to now? Hard to say if I’m actually getting smaller or if my boobs were just sticking out more in the first photo due to the position of my bra. Though I’m not seeing that weird back bulge in the June photos, so… visual progress?

If only my inner thighs would shrink so easily; if I could choose where to lose weight that’s the first place I’d focus on. I don’t need a visible gap, I just want my thighs to stop rubbing when I walk (not “stop chafing when they inevitably rub,” stop rubbing), but all of my pants are baggy in the crotch area…. and of course I can’t get smaller pairs to eliminate the baggy without first losing enough weight to wear smaller waistlines. I mean, I can understand that with my jeans and work pants, seeing as I buy those in the men’s department, not to mention I prefer relaxed fit… but why in God’s name does my sleepwear, bought in the women’s department, have ball room?


Anyway, ranting about clothing aside, on to the purpose of this post, starting with the Wii Fit fitness test:

My weight’s clearly gone down a bit since the last test, but as per the whole “I’ve been getting over a cold” situation, this represents a weight gain compared to what it was at the end of my cold as you’ll see towards the end of the post.


With Zombies Run, I’ve done a few more homefront exercises, gotten the full points possible on the Ring Fit’s multitask mode without syncing it over three days, and nearly completed the 5K “training” app.

Actually the points I got on Ring Fit might’ve included four days’ worth of Homefront…. I just don’t remember syncing after Tuesday (episode 14) and I know I didn’t use it on Wednesday due to my wrists being tired from work-related reasons (the monthly-or-so scanning out the entire contents of our value movie bins, and scanning each individual movie to verify if it can go back in the bin or what date it can be sent back to home office involved moving one hand in such a way that I didn’t want to do anything with the ring by the time I got home).

The result, though, was that I got the full 500 points fairly early on Sunday (episode 18) after which point I spent the whole workout just walking back and forth across my room. No “workouts,” not when it was after midnight, my parents were asleep, and Sam’s telling me to clean up the house in place of doing formal exercises, just walking.



I’m thinking of increasing my workouts to two per day off from work (not counting the Zombies Run evening walks)… and rigging my randomizer to pick a workout from every system I have throughout the week so that part is just a tiny bit less random. I’d just need to figure out a better rhythm for the rendering/editing side of things, since that’s the most time-consuming part of the process.

But “recordable workout” besides the point, I could–and honestly should–just jump on the exercise bike and watch Netflix while my computer is using the camera. Found it said best on FaceBook:


Suggested products in use, Amazon Affiliate links included where possible:

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