Workout Week 21–Sick Days

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Nothing serious, just one of those annoying summer colds that are bound to make the rounds again now that so many people are finally getting covid vaccinations so we can go maskless again. (Kinda wonder if everyone had been wearing a mask and practicing social distancing during the pandemic, if the cold virus would have just up and died. Probably not… that would’ve been too convenient.)

But of course even a simple cold does have a way of interfering with plans. Like the fact that the accompanying aches and pains and the cold medicine made me prioritize sleep over getting my workouts done (not that that stopped me from reading late at night), or the loss of appetite (didn’t even realize how much less I’ve been eating until stepping onto the scale) making me nervous about how much weight I’m likely to gain back once my appetite has recovered… starvation mode, don’t ya know? (Or for those who think it’s a myth because they equate the term with literal starvation, “wrecking my metabolism by eating way less than I’m accustomed to, but still eating plenty” mode). On that second note, I can’t help but wonder where the weight is lost from… though I’m sure it’s too much to hope that my body is burning extra fat to fight off illness.


I did get some workouts in before I took sick, so on to the visual media!


For Monday, the randomizer finally remembered that I have other game systems to choose from, and it selected the Core Crushing mini-game from Ring Fit Adventure.

I confess I’m surprised to have to done that well–the bats’ tendency to immediately return to a “relaxed” state during the tutorial even without me letting go of the Ring threw me off about how hard it would be to get them into position when I needed them, and I expected even the “novice” mode to be harder than it was.

Also, I added a new column to my spreadsheet (well, added it a few weeks ago because of Beat Saber’s leaderboards, this is just the first time I’ve had occasion to use it). See, I don’t know (yet) if the game will show my highest score the way Wii Fit does, and since the mini-games have their own score tiers and difficulty levels I’ll be doing them at a progressive “once I get the highest tier” rate just like I’ll be doing with my other games… which means I need some guaranteed way to track what score I’ve gotten. So the extra column is simply a place to list whatever highest score I’d gotten (“B” in this case), and once I get the highest available score tier (which I believe is “S”) I know I can move on to the next difficulty level. Though who knows? Maybe my score will show when I open the game again and I won’t actually need that column… or maybe my family will finally jump in and give these games a try and I’ll need that column to track my score as distinct from their scores.


And I did make a little progress in Zombies Run, the 5K app and Homefront alike.

I had expected to finish ZR5K the week of my birthday, but repeating the previous episode due to phone issues and getting sick this week put a damper on that plan. Oh, well.


In other news, I received my Cybershoes Oculus Quest kit on Friday, so as soon as I get that set up that gives me three different “walking in the real world” VR systems to try… the others being the 3dRudder and WalkOvr that I’ve had for maybe a year and never got around to setting up. (This seems to be a thing with me and VR.)

I should probably vacuum my room first; that Cybercarpet is a big rug. (And not a very comfortable one, I’ll want to drag in a yoga mat for any Homefront workouts that require getting on the floor.)

I also caved and bought myself a Polar H10 heart rate monitor, for use with both VRHealth (a phone app) and Yur (calorie tracking etc via Steam); neither app is compatible with FitBit–which isn’t terribly surprising given the device’s lack of real-time updates–else I would’ve just used that for the purpose. At the rate I’m going I’ll need more of those headphone desk clamps just to hang all of this stuff up… trying not to put more holes in the wall but I’ll need somewhere to store this stuff that isn’t the middle of my floor or under the bed while I continue trying to declutter everything else.


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