Workout Week 19–Poor Time Management

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This time around, I slacked off for reasons that have little to do with procrastination and much to do with simply not realizing how long of a delay assorted chores would take me. (Technically, I did, after all, “put it off for later” but it wasn’t originally “later” simply never coming but rather was about having a concrete task I needed to get done first and that task taking longer than planned.)


Case in point, the fact that my nephew’s sleeping bag was occupying the gaming area again on Monday despite there being plenty of room off to the side where it wouldn’t be in my way. By the time I finished my daily chores and moved his bedding out of the way where it wouldn’t be a problem, he was on his way home from work, I didn’t have the slightest idea how much time I really had before impending interruptions, so I retreated to my room instead of doing a random workout then and there.

And then I don’t remember what I spent the rest of the day doing (certainly not setting up my computer to cast Beat Saber), but by the time I was done with chores and errands it was so late in the day that I couldn’t even do Zombies Run because the sun would set long before I got back home. (Safety concerns; I’ve never gone for walks when the sun is down.)


Fast-forward to Thursday when my parents were heading out for a meeting with their motorcycle group and I fully planned on getting started on the workouts after they’d left so there’d be no chance of interruptions and the camera overhearing them getting ready and all.

And they left far later than I had anticipated, plus I still had errands of my own that needed doing (car wash, haircut, drop off stuff to the thrift store, and buy milk since we were out and I’d need some for myself while they were gone). The result being that my “morning” workout on the game console took place late afternoon and was followed immediately by a session with Zombies Run.


But it wasn’t a total loss; I still got some exercise in.

For the random workout, my spreadsheet selected the Core Luge from Wii Fit U:


And for Zombies Run I started on “Week 7” in the 5K app as well as doing two workouts in Homefromt.


Why only two? Well…. that goes back to the “I was procrastinating but not technically“… See, I’d also decided to take advantage of my parents’ absence by watching a few movies when I got home from work (stuff I’d bought for me for cheap with the full expectation of watching it once and then adding it to the donate pile) only for showering, dinner, and watching the movie to take long enough that I really didn’t want to stay up late enough to do another workout when I had to work the next day.

And then Sunday I just decided to go to bed earlier than what I’d been doing rather than doing the workout.


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