Workout Week 18 and May Monthly Update

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Another monthly update, getting off my unintentional hiatus in Zombies Run (and starting homefront while I’m at it), and finally starting to use my workout randomizer to get two videos in per week instead of only one.

All while still procrastinating on all of my other content. So much for the “I plan to do this twice a week once I’ve made a dent in my backlog,” but I suppose the fact that I’m doing more on something counts for, well, something. 😉


First we have the before/after photos in which my change in decor completely throws consistency out the window:

I had actually intended to start using my GoPro Hero 5 for this, but since I haven’t been using it since the first time I tested my recording options (no motorcycle rides yet), I haven’t been keeping the battery charged. Maybe I’ll remember next time, but for now, phone again it is.

The assorted GoPro adapters, arms, gooseneck, and clamp I used to attach the phone to my desk (along with the Grifiti Nootle universal mount I’d originally acquired to add my phone to the pile of motorcycle-worthy cameras… only to give up on the idea after a couple of videos) work a lot better than the phone-centric desk mount I had before, though. While the gooseneck and clamp make this set-up quite a bit pricier for the purpose, they’re also a lot easier to adjust as needed (and a lot harder to accidentally knock out of position), which means I could conceivably transport this thing back and forth between my desk and my motorcycle without needing too much effort to get it re-situated each time.


But to continue the subject of consistency, though, I need to pick out an actual order in which to feature my videos and still images. I’ll have to check, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been putting these photos (and everything else) just kind of… all over the place this entire time. Well, in the monthly updates at least; the weekly “I’m just playing video games” updates don’t include much that even needs uploading so they’ve mostly been “video-then-Zombies-Run” if I remember right.

Anyone willing to weigh in on what order looks best to them before I make a final decision? And for that matter, whether I decide if it’s worth editing my older posts to account for any change in order?


And to return to the point of these posts, there is my May monthly fitness test:

and my randomizer-selected extremely short (I did say I’d be doing a single activity per video, did I not?) “first” attempt at Wii Fit’s Ski Slalom:

Hmm… on the one hand, the amount of light coming in through the curtains isn’t bad (barring nasty weather or having to do another workout after dark), but on the other hand there’s the matter of the light reflecting off of the TV screen the way it does. I’m really not open to cluttering up the place more by adding things like studio lights, but I wonder if there’s anything I could just add to that limited space to get me better lighting without having to rely on open curtains or dragging lamps around the room?

Like maybe something that could just go on the entertainment center and use a battery or the TV’s USB ports instead of needing a wall plugin, since this room doesn’t include a ceiling fixture. Or since there are a few ceiling hooks in that corner of the room, maybe I could persuade my folks to let me put up a nice swag lamp for the purpose; I’d just have to run the cord along the wall to get to the next outlet over.


And of course getting back in to Zombies, Run.

I finished out the last two days of “week 6” in the C25K app via two days off from work (going out in the afternoon evening due to changes in my work schedule instead of my original “routine” of doing it first thing in the morning):

And Homefront, which I don’t need to do because it’s technically for covid/lockdown but I wanted to do anyway (for the same reason I want to do the virtual runs: it’s “extra story”), every night when I got home from work, which with my schedule typically meant going to bed around 2 in the morning.

I cannot believe how difficult that “dead bug” (or to paraphrase Sam’s description, “puppy wanting a belly rub”) exercise in episode 1 was.

Or how easy the inchworm in episode 4 was, considering I’m terrible at planks (improper form and curving my back more than I ought probably had something to do with that).

And the incline press in episode 3? Considering I have a hard time not doing those types of workouts on my knees (that would be a variation of the “I’m terrible at planks” issue), I probably ought to invest in a kneeling-friendly mat to lay on my floor, even if it’s just a small yoga mat or similar that I can slide under my bed when not in use. I have the Cybershoes kit on preorder but I suspect the included rug won’t be any more kneeling-friendly than my carpet, and even if it was it might not be that easy to reposition as needed between this and VR.

Next time I think I’ll want to bring in my Ring Con so I can start earning my Multitask points during any workouts that don’t require my hands. Heck, as long as the homefront episodes have been (at the shortest possible length), I might easily hit the 500 daily point limit just during the “dance” sections and not need the Ring Con during specific workouts at all!


And for this month’s bookend (before I pick a specific order), my actual changes in weight.


Suggested products in use, Amazon Affiliate links included where possible:

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