Workout Week 6–Workout Swap

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And once again we have a road covered in snow and ice and all the changes in terrain that implies. Rather than risk another major sciatica flare-up, I elected to put Zombies Run on hiatus and spend that time working on other things, including:

  • checking out my recording options for the Stealth/Plank Board (games are played entirely via a dedicated phone app that is not Chromecast-friendly, but it turns out that both my phone and TV support screen mirroring),
  • continuing to work through my background-noise-friendly workout playlist,
  • and finally–finally–getting an upload-worthy video out of Ring Fit Adventure!


The video ended up being quite a bit longer than planned, which of course added significantly to rendering, uploading, and processing-on-YouTube’s-end time.

I elected to play Ring Fit’s intro video “later” with the idea being that I would move right in to showing what the first stage looks like instead of making my viewers sit through or skip past five minutes or so of exposition. Well, “move right in” after the character creation process, of course, in which I list off a few of the settings that users can change after the fact if they choose to do so. (I’m planning a short video–fixed-image only–in which I actually demonstrate the ability to change those settings.) But once the stage was done, I discovered (or perhaps was reminded, since I had played this once back when I bought it in 2019) that “later” meant “at the end of the stage,” not “whenever I feel like it”–the expository scene started playing right as soon as I finished the level, before I was even prompted to start the next level or play a cool-down stretch.

Speaking of the cool-down, anyone who chooses to watch the entire video not only can pick up my random commentary, they can also see me attempt the (optional) stretches at the end… the key word being “attempt.” I’m thinking I’ll probably want to keep doing those on camera as an additional measure of my progress, such that it might be.


I also discovered that those pajamas aren’t quite enough to keep the leg strap from sliding down, though unlike my blue jeans which are simply too loose, I think the problem is that the material doesn’t have enough friction for the purpose. Still, they feel like they’ll work until I’m confident enough of the weather to wear shorts, which even with a whole-house heater may not happen until springtime.


And of course I encountered another technical… situation. I discovered, while in the process of rendering the videos for upload, that the camera kept panning around the room. Upon doing a quick Google search I discovered this to be tied to the GoPro Fusion’s stabilization function; since I haven’t encountered this problem in my Wii Fit body tests, my guess is that all of that running in place had me pounding the floor hard enough to jostle it. Thankfully, this was a setting I could switch off in the rendering stage and not something that required re-recording, but I will have to remember that for future videos.


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