Quit Shaking the Box!


November’s barely started, and Christmas shopping this year is already off to a lousy start.

See, some of my shopping is done online, for a variety of reasons. Case in point, an eBay purchase of some very hard-to-find, older-than-me, and very breakable objects.

They were mint when they arrived–I spent a long time finding ones that were before making the purchase–but….
A certain snoop decided the best way to find out what was inside the box was to shake it.

And they are mint no longer.
Three out of four of the pieces have very obvious chips in them, despite the packing job.
(Seriously, they stood up to traveling several states in the mail but they’re damaged because some asshole deliberately shakes the box? Unreal.)

Never mind that the box in question is in my room.
Never mind that I was in my room at the time and he could’ve just asked me.
Never mind that Christmas is coming and it’s none of his damn business what I just bought.
Nope, he shook the box as a joke. Apparently breaking the stuff I paid for is “funny.”

Ironically, I bought one of the items–they came as a set–precisely to replace one that I’d accidentally broken earlier. Thus the necessity of finding mint condition.
Unfortunately that is one of the ones that was chipped during the shaking…..

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