Non Scale Victories

After dropping a pants size in six months last year, and then doing it again six months later, I was starting to get a little frustrated at not seeing any change this year.

I mean, the technical errors and need to declutter (not to mention procrastination as neither of those have prevented me from exercising, just exercising in my room and on camera) have certainly interfered with the process, but I’ve still been getting more exercise than what I normally do.


But now, finally, after spending most of the year wearing 34 waist (US men’s sizes) pants at work… as of yesterday I tried putting on my 33 waistline pants and they fit. Not only did they fit but they were comfortably loose. Like “I’m not ready to buy smaller” (these things are expensive) “but that time will come” loose.

I’ll still be hanging onto one of the 34 waistline pairs, just in case–the other got tossed into the pile of things to be donated as (the other reason I was hoping to lose enough weight to change them out) my wallet and phone have finally put enough pressure on the pockets as to wear a hole straight through, as in I can stick my hand in one pocket and stick a finger out into the outside world. The one I’m keeping doesn’t look so bad as that but it’s a question of whether it will last long enough for me to be confident that I won’t need that size anymore.

Casual jeans, at least, are much cheaper to replace. And take up less space in my closet for some reason.


As a more scale-oriented victory, my doctor says I’m losing weight at a healthy rate. This in response to my concern that I might be undereating due to poor appetite. Like “adding a protein pack to my lunch at work to make sure I’m eating something” poor appetite.


I’ve also finished May 2020 of the Unus Annus (yes I’m cheating) playlist and started into June. Just another week or two according to various sources and I should be back into the content where the lockdown has been lifted. So there’s that little bit more deleted from my computer for some digital decluttering.

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