Workout Week 8–I Can’t Plank!

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‘Tis the end of February, and I have finished the first world, and first boss fight, in Ring Fit Adventure.

To “celebrate” getting this far, I think the next step should be a quick video on changing your profile settings.


In the meantime, I added another workout to my repertoire, Stealth Fitness!

And, well, I really need to learn to do planks.

Hindsight being 20/20, I know I kept saying in the video that I can’t do planks right and had to be on my knees to do them (sort of like how I can’t do pushups without being on my knees), but the day after recording this footage I randomly decided to test that theory… while laying in bed. Full-on traditional plank, not even the forearm variety and definitely not on my knees, and I did fine (ish). Granted, doing it in bed meant the only thing making me move (besides the trembling from holding that pose) was the fact that a memory foam mattress isn’t exactly a solid surface, so I think my belief that I “can’t” do planks had less to do with actually believing at the time that I couldn’t do them and more to do with some instinct that told me to compensate for the fact that I’d be fighting the stealth board to maintain my balance the whole time. Regardless, it’s something I need to work on in order to do workout properly.

I also need to work on not putting so much weight on my elbows. Either that or I need to find a decent set of padded sleeves for the purpose; even with all the padding on the Stealth board, my elbows hurt trying to play this game!


Slightly off-topic, but for purely aesthetic reasons I would much prefer the “professional” gym model… I just think the green looks better than the other options.

Instead I wound up buying the yellow basic model (and linking here accordingly) due entirely to the price difference; I just wasn’t up to paying what, at the time, was an extra $100 just to get a color I liked more.


And finally, we have what is hopefully the last week of my Zombies Run hiatus. Weather depending, of course.

Speaking of hindsight being 20/20, I really should’ve been spending that hiatus doing the homefront exercises in the main app instead of just… not using the app. If nothing else, I could’ve started deleting them as I go, to clear up what little bit of space on my phone they represent. Perhaps instead I’ll have to persuade myself to do them on days I work, as the only deliberate exercise worth doing after I’ve already spent all day on my feet.


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