2020 “Spring” Cleaning and Redecorating

A follow up to Daydreaming about Free Time, in which the beginning of the lockdown had me thinking about what I’d want to do (and what I’d probably do instead) if I ever found myself locked down.

As it happens, some of those plans have come to pass, but for financial reasons others are very much a work in progress.


Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate links (which earn me a small commission on sales) will be included on relevant products where such a link can be generated.


Computer Desk:

If you’ve looked at the post linked above, you’ve probably already seen my new computer desk. What you would not have seen is how cluttered that cupboard was before it became possible to organize things further.


The mess you see within would be most of my camera equipment: bags, spare batteries, GoPro mounting adapters, chargers, and assorted other accessories.

The smallest items are stored in the Mind Reader brand mesh 3-drawer storage container, while some of my very largest items still need to be stored in the “junk” drawer in my dresser.
(And here I immediately contradict my note about “where such a link can be generated.” At this time of writing the exact product is “currently unavailable,” but you might be interested in one of the other organizers offered by the same manufacturer.)


Given that the vast majority of my writing is done on the computer, I thought it best to keep my reference books and few notebooks in that little cupboard for easy access instead of on my actual bookshelves (what few shelf units remain).


Not only has the cupboard been decluttered, but I’ve managed to clear space off of the desk itself.


When I first started using this computer desk, this photo represents the tidiest I could get it as absolutely everything computer-related that I didn’t want to shove in some drawer was forced to share space here. As a result there was little room for desirables like a decent mousepad!


Even though decluttering is a considerable part of my goal, I will confess this photo gives me a sense of “something missing.” In truth, the only thing missing is my backordered graphics amplifier, which will begin its life as a glorified USB hub but eventually transform my computer into something more suitable for VR gaming…. at least until I’ve saved up for a new computer.

That mousepad, by the way, is the Logitech Lightspeed wireless charging mousepad. I’d like to do a product review at some point, but so far I’m loving it!


But where did everything else go? Surely you don’t think I was so obsessed with decluttering that I got rid of everything else.

Nope, I got myself a new shelf unit in the form of a:

Hobby Desk

Despite certain differences such as brand and coloration, I’ve had my eye on the Ameriwood brand hobby desk since purchasing the above Mainstays brand l-shaped computer desk.

This one proved harder to come by for a number of reasons, chief among which was the fact that it took so long for the parental units to allow me to donate my (or rather, their, since their permission was even required) full-size brass bed to the thrift store instead of waiting, and waiting, and waiting still some more, for a friend or family member to take it off my hands. (I could’ve had that thing gone and everything else set up before Christmas if it had been my decision, but it didn’t get donated until the middle of a pandemic because it took that long for them to even ask.) Since there was simply no space in my room to set up the new desk, and I did not relish having to put it together and take it apart again nor leave it boxed up in another room (and risk encountering problems too late to replace it), I waited until the oversized bed was gone before attempting to purchase the new desk… and by that point it had a maddening tendency to go in and out of stock on a regular basis, or for the price to vary wildly when it was only being offered by secondary sellers.

But buy it I eventually did. Not only does all of my camera equipment (except the largest tripods still occupying the junk drawer) fit without crowding the shelves, but I can keep my laptop and “fitness center”

charged and ready to go.

The empty space in the middle of the desk is reserved for those moments when I need an actual desk, for reasons ranging from “responsible adult” tasks like matching up my receipts with credit card statements, to hobby pursuits like practicing drawing, to providing space for my phone when I want to record anything without the use of a webcam. I’ve become so accustomed to clutter that it, too, provides a sense of “something missing,” but if I am to keep things organized that space should remain empty when I am not actively using it.

There was also more than enough room on the shelves both above and beneath the new desk for all of my non-electronic art supplies and odds and ends that had previously occupied plastic totes under my bed.


I may still find something among those odds and ends to donate or throw out, but I consider simply getting them out from under my bed is a win for reasons besides the need to organize. The reason is that, unlike the space under or behind the desk, the bed is taking up floor space I expect to use for VR gaming… once I’ve saved enough to replace it with a Murphy bed, that is.


YouTube Cleanup

While there is always the possibility of finding something else to reorganize or get rid of, there is one final “spring cleaning” that I have planned. Amid the backlog of videos in need of editing, I also want to revise my YouTube channels, make the main channel Side Quest Publications more writerly in nature, and also get more related content onto my other channels (most notably the gaming one, currently titled Unfashionably Late Gaming).

Since the relevant videos have very little engagement at this point in time, I consider it no great loss to delete them from the first channel for the purpose of migrating to another. The plan, therefore, is to remove all of the gaming-related unboxing videos (Build a Bear pokemon, Elder Scrolls collector’s editions, and gaming themed Loot Crates) from the main channel, edit them for various reasons such as giving them a proper outro (to better use the “end screen” feature), and upload them to the gaming channel. Whether I choose to do the same with the other Loot Crate videos to keep everything together remains to be seen, but I see no need to make such a decision for future videos; unless I happen to get a sponsor (dare to dream 😉 ), I don’t expect to make any more unboxing videos that are not either gaming- or book-related.


Just Keep Cleaning, Just Keep Cleaning

That takes care of the bigger messes, but there are other things in my room to declutter without simply getting rid of stuff. In addition to keeping these areas organized, the next step would probably be… hmmmm…..

Should it be the cubbies near the top of the desk? (Spare mouses, flash drives, memory cards, and assorted small items that might require the use of another desk organizer.)

Or my dresser? (Books are a “simple” matter of reading and redonating, and most of my usb cords are organized into those two boxes; the actual mess is the assorted health-not-fitness products.)

Decisions, decisions.


What about you, my readers? What organizational tasks would you most like to tackle, and how would you like to accomplish that?

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