Migrating Certain Posts

I have discovered something.

This website has a lot of variety of content, and Pioneers of the Shattered Waters, the site focusing on my own writing (my own not-blogging-writing, that is) has very little content of any kind.

Well, actually, I’ve known that for some time now. No, I’ve recently come to a decision about this problem. And that decision is thus:
I am mass-exporting posts from this site to that one. Specifically, I am exporting the posts in which I track my NaNoWriMo progress. Due to the way WordPress handles such things, this actually means this entire site will be exported over and I will have to go through and remove anything after the fact that I don’t want copied… as well as removing those posts from this site as I go.
Yay for using multiple web browsers on a single computer, because I think that’s the only way I’m going to accomplish that without going mad.

What will be a problem, unfortunately, is links…. exporting the content en masse also means retaining the links exactly as they are provided in the original content, and some of those links, naturally, will no longer be valid.

If only WordPress.com had a link checker for the purpose…. the one offered by W3C is no good, because that picks up absolutely everything, and I don’t have the pay-for account necessary to install any plugins.

Anyhow, once the export/import is done and the NaNo posts are removed from this, the main site, there should still be a lot of content here….
But that content will be relegated to media and product reviews, the occasional embedded video (disclaimer: need more subscribers and watch time on YouTube!), and of course affiliate links to relevant product pages on Amazon.
And, naturally, assorted “the trouble with” posts and random content will find its way here as well.

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