Self Care Chronicles: A Cluttered Mind

I started doing these back when they were on Wentworth Miller’s Facebook page (currently unpublished 😥 ), but I kinda…. stopped.
Ugh. I really ought to start doing them again, at least once in a while.

Any idears on good page titles if I remember to do more of these? Especially if I don’t do postings on anything resembling a regular schedule?
I mean, I could just call all of them “Self Care Chronicles” and let WordPress number the URL accordingly, but that still looks a bit wonky from the human-readable side of the equation. At least it does to me.
Or I could include hints as to that posting’s self-care option in the title like I did with this one…. Hmm…..
Or, well…. any other suggestions?

Anyway, today’s “self care” idea.

Clean my room.
And again.

(Seriously, why does it never want to stay clean? ^^’ At least for a week, anyway….
I know part of the reason; every time I get rid of something via eBay or Amazon sales, or thrift store donations, or–gods forbid–throwing stuff in the trash, I seem to easily find something else to take up the available space. Not to mention the infrequency of getting rid of stuff via eBay and Amazon….
But one would think I could at least keep things like receipts and invoices better organized. I have a filing cabinet for that stuff for crying out loud!)


So my readers, what are some of your preferred self-care options?

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