Self Care Chronicles–Feb 1-7 2017

About half a month late.

I got the idea of doing self care chronicles from none other than Wentworth Miller’s Facebook page. (That would be where the “half a month late” comes in–I started reading these on his page at the beginning of February.)
These, like his own, are going to be small snippets of things I’ve done for myself. They will not be fully detailed blog posts of their own.
Sometimes I will link to something (or several things) I’ve found on social media, sometimes I will post what I’ve done for myself or what I think I should start doing for myself… and sometimes I will post both, particularly if what I’ve seen other people doing happens to be related with what I’m doing or trying to do.

(Sep 2017 Update: Due to Wentworth Miller’s decision to “unpublish” his page in the near future 😦 copying the text is a necessity, though I’ll keep the links in as long as they are valid. Thus there will be duplicates while his page remains visible.)

And let us begin.

These days it feels like self-care is the last thing I have time for… So today self-care looks like starting a self-care chronicle for the month of February.

What did it look like for you?

posted 1 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

This, of course, is where I should’ve begun the chronicling.
As I’d replied to Went’s post, self-care for me usually means laying in bed with a good book or working on my writing. Sometimes it means dabbling in other creative pursuits.

Today self-care looked like clearing space on a cluttered shelf. No idea what will go there. But I’m ready. What did it look like for you?

posted 3 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

This I definitely need to do…. again. And again, and yet again.
I don’t know how many times I’ve cleared off my dresser but it just seems to attract all the clutter. Especially when someone decides he needs to display his toys on the newly-cleared area.

Today self-care looked like asking for help. I’m putting together a playlist of funny videos to watch when I’m in need of a lift. Links welcome. 

What did it look like for you?

posted 4 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

*cough–shameless plug–cough*

My “puppy” trying to do everything except the trick she was asked to do, all to earn that treat.

Today self-care looked like taking a walk, in the woods, in the snow, and a moment to remind myself that yes, “the world is mysterious and amazing.”

What did it look like for you?

posted 5 Feb 2017 on Wentworth Miller’s official Facebook page

No woods to be found hereabouts, not unless I’m willing to drive a ways for the sole purpose of finding a good place to walk, but walking up and down my road isn’t bad.
And depending on the weather I can always get some decent pictures… yes, I can even find new things to photograph in the same familiar surroundings.
Like my first-ever Instagram upload:


I think a week’s worth of belated posts is good for now.
More progress of my social media searches and my own self care to be posted later! Now back to the YouTube backlog and migrating some other travel pics over to Instagram.

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