Missed Photo Ops

Those situations that would have made for the perfect photo… except I don’t have my camera ready.

I’ve made up my mind to carry my camera as much as possible after a few such missed opportunities, like a triple rainbow that disappeared before I got home.
But even when I have my camera on hand, and even when I have it prepared for any split-second photos (usually by cheating and taking video), it isn’t always possible to get every perfect picture. There will always be something I see

Case in point:
On a motorcycle ride with my parents, and this huge bird (crane?) takes off right next to us. I had the camera mounted to my bike… on the other side.
On another ride, and a hawk dove down right in front of me, practically filling my view of the windshield… the batteries had just died.
In both cases, the camera was set to video–I can’t very well take photos while I’m riding, now can I? 😉 –but I could easily have broken that video up later into its individual frames. But I never managed to record the event to begin with.
Riding in the car after dropping off my mother’s motorcycle off for its regular maintenance, and another hawk takes off from the grass in front of us… and not only was my camera not out, but my dad was on the phone with me, discussing I don’t remember what.
Another bike ride, and we passed by what might have been an amazing landscape… yet I was trying to conserve my battery power and we’d passed the area before I could switch my camera back on.

And, like that first bird, plenty of things I might miss on a bike ride, simply because it’s impossible with my mount to aim the camera at every little thing.

So, my readers, what things have you seen that you’d love to have taken a picture of? Or better yet, what unexpected photos have you taken?
How do you prefer to prepare for these opportunities?

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