New Site for Doctor Who fanfics

So new it doesn’t have any content yet. 😉
I’m working on it a little, during the occasional break from my paid work, the plot bunny infestation, and whatever else my folks think I should be doing instead, but allow me to explain.

The site: Whovian Crossover Cameos
The tagline: An eclectic collection of Doctor Who crossover fics, focusing on non-Who cameos by Who actors. Mistaken identities abound!

My new site was created specifically to feature Doctor Who (and spin-off) crossover fanfics that feature other characters the Who actors have played.
That is to say, I won’t be showcasing Torchwood/Buffy fics or Doctor Who/Star Trek, or anything like that.
No, I’d be featuring things like 10th Doctor/Blackpool, Jack Harkness/Arrow, Martha Jones/Law and Order UK, just to name a few off the top of my head. Perhaps even 12th Doctor/Fires of Pompeii, if someone cares to write it, or maybe–maybe–Doctor Who crossed with real person fiction.
I want stories in which there is a genuine chance for mistaken identity. Whether that chance is used for humor (as in this one-shot I’d read featuring Ten, Blackpool’s Carlisle, and Casanova) or drama (as in a few other Casanova crossovers, another fic in which one of the actors was captured by Daleks, or my own Spies of Warsaw crossover) doesn’t matter… a crossover is a crossover, and as long as that mistaken identity is possible, it probably fits on my site.

I plan, over time, to set up menus and categories for the different characters, and of course link to and/or review fanfics that I particularly enjoy. I might even post some of my own crossovers as I go, rather than just linking to wherever else I’ve posted them.
And probably set up a contact page, because I’ll be needing my readers’ help, and here’s how:
If you’ve read such a crossover, be it “fanfiction” or the short fics that occasionally show up in the official magazines, let me know!
If you can suggest some of the more obscure shows or movies the various actors have been in, or suggest an actor/character who doesn’t seem to get as much fanfic-love as the rest, let me know!
If you’ve found a similar site that you think I ought to link to, let me know!
If you’ve written such a crossover….
By all means, let me know!

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