All I got for Christmas

was my two front teeth, my two front teeth, yeah my two front teeth!


For Christmas 2013, I got:

a drawing set/box (I was really only interested in the box as a hard surface to draw on that also allows me to fit my pencils and such in… but the price was good and it included a bunch of pencils and such)

IMG_0787 IMG_0788

I have a silly question for any artists out there. What is  “tortillon,” and why does a drawing set come with sandpaper sheets?

Spies of Warsaw DVD

assorted clothing
And not just any clothing. Nice clothing, not-blue-jeans-and-t-shirts clothing, clothing that I could potentially wear to church or job interviews (albeit interviews involving more casual dress, I’m sure)…. that I picked out myself.
I’m not usually a “nice clothing” person–I put comfort as a higher priority than looks–but now and again I’ll find something that I like the looks of, even besides my typical “I love pictures of wolves” mentality. 🙂

money (to be added to PayPal for assorted purchases, or to my main account for my student loan)

screamed at for exercising my own judgement in the absence of specific instructions, assigning my own priority to the order in which I completed my tasks, and filling out job applications online prior to doing dishes or vacuuming (please note I was never asked what I was doing on the computer, only screamed at for being on it… and whenever anyone does bother to ask me, they either treat what I’m doing as not important and worth interrupting–unless it’s something that they asked me to do–or requiring me to give so much detail on exactly what I’m doing that I can’t do anything.)

threatened to have the electricity cut off from my room and therefore from my computer if this continues to be a “problem”…
by the same person who regularly accuses me of having no work ethic and of being unable to hold down a job because I’m on the computer so often (her theory, not mine)… in spite of most of my job applications, qualifications, and improvement thereof requiring being on the computer

Walmart gift card

Subway gift card

money owed for babysitting (if I was enough of a smart alek, I would’ve claimed the money was still owed because it was given with my Christmas present, ergo, part of the present 😉 )

assorted video games that I bought myself (paid for with the PayPal Christmas money and previously-owned gift cards)…
included in the Christmas presents more for the sake of having stuff under the tree, even though I already knew what it was.

travel case for my universal Afterglow wireless headset

IMG_0786 IMG_0785

$20 in instant lottery tickets that won me… $8 total
I just bought more tickets with it.

$20 gift card automatically applied to my Amazon account, simply because something I’d ordered from them wouldn’t arrive by Christmas Eve due to UPS problems.
Good deal, too. It was already cheaper than anywhere else by $20, and I hadn’t expected it by Christmas Eve no matter what their estimate said… so I have extra money to spend on ebooks. 😉 Now I’m just waiting for the final item of that order.

Airwings for my motorcycle

A small purse…. which I do not actually want, per se, and do not expect to use on anything resembling a regular basis.
But upon examining many of the outfits I have for job interviews, I decided I was not comfortable carrying my wallet, my keys, and my cell phone in the rather small pockets some of those outfits provided, and couldn’t carry them in some of the other outfits.
I’d rather something designed to be worn around the waist–not depending upon a belt, however, for several reasons, including the lack of belt loops on one of those outfits. But something small, to wear under a coat without being bulky, and not looped over my shoulder or easily set down and accidentally forgotten; a “business casual” version of a fanny pack, I suppose. But my parents did not, and do not now, believe I could find such a thing that looks good at interviews… at least, not without paying out an arm and a leg for it.

And… probably a few other items, if only I can remember them.

Presents I’d still like:

Winning the cash for life on one of those lottery tickets–the cheapest one at $400 a week would still take a good long while to pay off my student loan (depends on how much I save every month, and how much I pay towards those loans), but even before taxes, it’d at least mean steady income while I continue looking for work, and putting money into the bank even as I’m paying on those loans.

Everything else listed on my Christmas wishlist.

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