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The “bugging me” posts were never meant to be about pet peeves.
There may be some topics that merge into that territory, but this category was created for random, unimportant things, questions I have and things that I find puzzling, and what “bugs” me about them is the difficulty I’ve found in answering those questions or solving those puzzles.

To help clarify that, I am changing the name. In the interest of preserving links, I will not change any addresses–you’ll note that many older posts in this category will retain the “bugging me” phrase there–but the phrase will either removed from the titles, or changed to “Perplexed about”…. followed by whatever the post happens to be about.

Perplexed About: Copyright Concerns

For a… slightly better reason than before. See, while the previous “bugging me” post was only trying to find out what movie someone was talking about, this one has more to do with copyright. Specifically: copyright, illegal downloading/digital piracy, and … Continue reading

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Perplexed About: Mars movies

I have, a few months back, come across the TVTropes page for “Gainax Ending.” I don’t remember why, exactly, I clicked that page, but I do remember one comment that bugs me to no end. And I remembered it just … Continue reading

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