If I Could Sell One Thing…. Elder Scrolls Statues

Take your pick of these characters from Elder Scrolls Online.

Here we have:

  • Molag Bal (from Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition)
  • a Dwarven Colossus (from ESO Morrowind as I recall)
  • and Mephala (from ESO Summerset)

I once upon a time had Alduin from Skryim, but he sold very quickly.

Molag Bal was “pre-owned in new condition” when I acquired him (the collector’s edition was no longer sold as a new product by the time I could afford it) while the other two were brand new at the time of purchase. Every last one of them came into my possession because I purchased the relevant edition of the game. And I acquired every last one because (contrary to someone’s opinion) I actually wanted them at that point in time.

Trouble is, now I’m back to spring-cleaning-mode, and the amount of space they take up combined with the difficulty of keeping them clean (all those crevices and spikes and such make for difficult dusting, even with the paint brushes I bought for that very purpose) put them right on the list of things I need to try to sell.

These, as so many other things I’m trying to sell off and on, can now be found on my eBay listings.

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