If I Could Sell One Thing…. Razer Accessories

Otherwise known as, if someone would actually buy one thing.

Oh, lordy, I hate when someone places a bid on eBay and then just drops off the face of the earth. 😦

Anyway, the “one thing” this time around….

A Razer accessory bundle. We have the Blackwidow Chroma keyboard, the Stargazer webcam, and the Deathadder mouse.

Got a couple of reasons this time around for wanting to sell stuff.
One reason, the main reason, is the ever-present “I’m condensing my physical property” argument. That’s a pretty sizable keyboard there, and trying to work everything from a student desk just doesn’t work out as well as I’d like.
The other reason is the convenience of USB ports. See, the keyboard requires two USB ports (one, I would imagine, to power its light show). The mouse also requires a port (obviously). And the webcam…? Not only does it require a USB port of its own, it specifically requires a USB 3.0 port. Naturally, the only 3.0 ports on my machine (or on any machine I’ve seen thus far) are on the back, where the less-convenient location makes them the most convenient for such devices as the keyboard and mouse, things which I don’t expect to have to unplug ever. Also naturally, there are only two ports on the back to share among three devices.

Now, I could always get a USB hub, but…. student desk, remember? A hub won’t solve the other space restrictions.
Not to mention, the keyboard does have one small problem. Namely, there is a USB port on the side, I assume to mitigate the fact that the keyboard requires two ports on its own…. but this port will no longer read the mouse! So not only do I have three devices to share two ports, I have four USB cords to share two ports. And again, student desk….

So I decided to try selling the three items as a bundle, and switching back to playing with my (less expensive) Logitech webcam and using the keyboard and mouse that shipped with the computer.

The Razer Accessory Bundle is listed (and relisted and relisted yet again) on eBay with some of my other offerings.
Many of my other sales can be found on Amazon.
This page will be deleted when the Razer bundle actually sells.

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