If I Could Sell One Thing….. Afterglow Headset

Ah, we’re going back to the “size matters” argument… among other reasons.


Here, if I could sell just one thing (well, multiple things, but since they’re being sold as a bundle it’s still one sale), that would be my Afterglow wireless headset, case, and charging tower.

These are listed on my eBay account.

The reason for wanting to sell these is two-fold.

One, I quite simply don’t have space to keep using them. My computer is sitting on a student desk, and I need to put shelves up on my wall for little things like my speakers as it is. The computer is small enough for the desk to work, which means I have quite a bit more room to move around and put up bookshelves and the like, but I’ve needed to sell off the headset et al ever since getting that desk.
And considering I have a webcam now… well, I don’t exactly need the headset for the microphone anymore.

The other reason, unfortunately, is a matter of respecting personal property. I’m getting a little tired of having things I have listed for sale taken from my bedroom while I’m at work because someone thinks that them wanting to use my stuff is all the permission they need. (Oddly enough, both times it’s happened were over two different sets of headphones.)
So the sooner it’s sold, the sooner I can stop worrying about whether it will be in any condition to sell by the time someone wants to buy it.

Meanwhile, I need to find a better lock for my door. And find somewhere else to hide the stuff I’m selling.

Like other posts of this type, this post will be deleted once the bundle is sold or no longer eligible to be sold.

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