If I Could Sell One Thing….Winter is Coming

Hmm…. I suppose that’s technically true, but Fall isn’t even here yet! 🙂

The item to sell this time is neither large, or expensive, but… as suggested by the heading…. it is a Game of Thrones collectible.

Namely, it is the Sigil Magnet set from Loot Crate.


Why this one? Well, because I grew up in the era when magnets plus electronics equals Bad with a capital B. (Yes, I’m well aware that writing it out makes that redundant. 😉 )
Obviously that’s no longer the issue it once was–at least I would hope so, what with so many phone and tablet cases using magnets–but old habits and all that. And I have a few too many electronics scattered among my smaller toys to be entirely comfortable keeping this piece of loot hidden in my room for very long, and since nobody else in this house watches GoT and the fridge is cluttered as it is….

Hopefully this one will find a good home among some GoT fan out there. The magnet set, like most of my Loot Crate stuff of late, can be found on Amazon.

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