If I Won the Lottery, I Would….

(in no particular order):

Pay off my student loans.

Set up an IRA (Roth, I think, since I’ll have already been taxed on the winnings).

Talk to an allergist about getting shots. Achoo!

Buy every single Doctor Who/Torchwood book in my Kindle wishlist… and quite possibly print copies of some of them.
As well as most, if not all, other books on my “must buy” list, and more than a few others that I’m considering.

Start going to conventions and hope to get the print copies signed by certain actors. (Hint, there’s one on my birthday this year… about 800 miles away! :()

Buy a better camera. Something that can use filters and other lenses, at least.

Buy a newer motorcycle.
Either a brand-new Goldwing with a permanent trike kit (and a custom paint job), or something like the CanAm Spyder. With matching trailer, of course.

Buy another computer.
One of those newer touch screen “tablets” sounds good… though it’d be hard to find one that can play Skyrim and is fairly compact. I want something ultra-book sized (e.g. around 12 inches), but I can never find one with anything resembling a decent processor.

Donate the last of my old games and whatever else I absolutely “must” get rid of to a local thrift shop.
Forget putting things up on eBay, Craiglist, or mLive and holding on to it until someone makes an offer.

Set up a scholarship for students meeting certain criteria.
My mother had suggested one specific to foster children, and her rationale made sense.
I would also consider a scholarship specific to literacy and/or math grades, something to encourage those scores to get better throughout the country.

And I’d go traveling in general.
Along with continuing writing my fiction, looking for a job and/or volunteer work just to keep busy, and practicing photography.

And, of course, donate to assorted charities… which I’d forgotten to mention previously. (Oops!)

All this, of course, is contingent on how much I win.
Obviously winning $1000 on a little scratch-off ticket isn’t going to let me do all of that. I won’t even make a dent in my student loan, or not much of one, though it would shave off two payments.
But the cash for life tickets, or the multi-hundred thousand (or even hundred million) dollar jackpots? Oh, yeah.

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4 Responses to If I Won the Lottery, I Would….

  1. euromillionsnews says:

    Would you donate any of your winning to charity? 😀


    • Could have sworn I’d replied…. Weird.

      Anyway, yes, I would donate some of it to charity.
      I’d merely forgotten to add that to the list. ^^;


      • euromillionsnews says:

        That’s really great. Surprisingly enough in lotteries such as Euromillions a fixed percentage from all ticket sales automatically goes to charities. But most of the winners still decide to donate some extra cash afterwards :/


        • That’s the way it is here, too.
          Specifically, I believe a percentage of ticket sales go to promote education in the area.

          Whereas what I’d do is, in addition to that scholarship, is donate to OTHER charities…
          Midnight Ride/JDRF, Ride for Kids, and the GWRRA and American Motorcyclist Association’s promotion of Motorcycle Safety Courses and Motorcycle Awareness are some that are of personal interest to me (all of them are sponsored by various motorcycle groups, of course, the last two of which I’m a member).
          But I’d also donate to certain charities helping with wildlife and the environment, among other things.

          Depending, once again, on how much I win.


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